Why We’re Different

Being charged of a crime is a serious matter with potential serious consequences. You may be facing hefty fines, prison time, loss of employment and loss of a good reputation in the community. Choosing the best Maryland criminal defense lawyer is critical to the outcome of a criminal charge. So, what makes the Law Offices of Marc G. Hall different from the rest? It all comes down to personalized attention, in-depth knowledge of the criminal law process and criminal defense experience.

Washington DC Criminal Defense Attorney: Marc Hall

Attorney Marc Hall is committed to protecting your rights under both federal and state law, works closely with his clients and gives the individual attention needed in order to develop the best defense strategy. Unlike using a court-appointed defense attorney who is likely overwhelmed with many cases, attorney Marc Hall has the time to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your case.

Attorney Marc Hall has in-depth knowledge of the criminal law process, including arraignment, hearings, pre-trial, trial and post-trial phases, including appeals. During discovery, this Greenbelt criminal defense attorney pulls out all the stops, including taking witness statements, identifying hidden witnesses, investigating the crime scene, reviewing police reports and evaluating evidence, such as ballistic reports and DNA. In addition, he hires expert witnesses to help build a strong case and dispute the prosecution’s experts.

During the criminal process, he will collaborate with the prosecution to determine whether or not a plea bargain is offered. Attorney Marc Hall outlines both the pros and cons of taking a plea bargain. This way, his clients can make the best decision on whether or not a plea bargain is in their best interest.

Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer: Attorney Marc Hall

In addition to in-depth knowledge of criminal law and the criminal law process, attorney Marc Hall has years of experience. He has represented clients accused of crimes in both federal and state courts. Plus, he’s experienced in the United States courts of appeal. The appellate process is a different animal, and he has the skill set to do case research in order to present a strong argument before the appellate judge.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, let the experience of the Law Offices of Marc G. Hall work for you. Attorney Marc Hall may be able to have the charges eliminated, charges reduced or jail time reduced.